The story of our La Lola and her Churreria


Great businesses often start with a brave idea.

In the case of La Lola Churreria, what started out as an experiment turned into long lines, 8 branches, a combi, and franchising.


We sat down with Andilasia Inc., the restaurateurs behind Rambla and Las Flores, to brainstorm about their latest idea. They had a name (La Lola Churreria) and a concept (hot and fresh churros fried in 100% olive oil). But other than that, the concept was open to interpretation. We asked ourselves: How do you introduce a new dessert concept into an already crowded market?


We began by laying the foundations for the brand’s identity. The colors we chose were based off the Mexican flag, and we added a little brown (read: chocolate) into the mix. We drew inspiration from Mexican geometric floor tiles and Dio de Los Muertos, which eventually lead to the creation of Lola and her brood of churros.



When the brand was set, we worked on the packaging. The takeout churro cone could fit at least six churros and a removeable slot for a tub chocolate dip. All of this could be held in one hand.


The packaging had to be noticeable. We played with the different iterations of colors and designed packaging for the various seasons and holidays of the year. The packaging had to be seen from afar, drawing curiosity and eventually people to La Lola.

(Strictly speaking the packaging is geometrically a pyramid)



The cone plays a central role in La Lola Churreria. Even the tables in store have been outfitted with a special slot to ensure that both hands are freed up for the dine in experience.





La Lola is someone you return to again and again. We wanted her to look distinct enough to catch the eye of anyone passing by, but also familiar to those returning for a second, third, or even 37th cone.


Churreria La Lola currently serves hot and fresh churros in 8 branches, all in various locations across the Metro. Check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.