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The School of Fashion and The Arts (SoFA) is the Philippines’ leading educational institution committed to the art and business of design.

To help SoFA expand their course offerings, we created a custom typeface that they could use across all their collaterals. The resulting typeface is structured and edgy, but still functional in use and application.

Photography by Kara Chung .
Initial branding by Isabel Gatsulao.

and-a-half-sofa-01 and-a-half-sofa-02 and-a-half-sofa-03 and-a-half-sofa-04 and-a-half-sofa-05 and-a-half-sofa-06 and-a-half-sofa-07 and-a-half-sofa-08 and-a-half-sofa-09 and-a-half-sofa-10 and-a-half-sofa-11 and-a-half-sofa-12



SoFA-GIF2and-a-half-sofa-14 and-a-half-sofa-15 and-a-half-sofa-16 and-a-half-sofa-17 and-a-half-sofa-18 and-a-half-sofa-19 and-a-half-sofa-20 and-a-half-sofa-21 and-a-half-sofa-22 and-a-half-sofa-23 and-a-half-sofa-24 and-a-half-sofa-25 and-a-half-sofa-26 and-a-half-sofa-27 and-a-half-sofa-28 and-a-half-sofa-29